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Looting Time

A Daily Mini-Game

Living within House of Fun, a social casino mobile game, Looting Time is a feature that allows players to win extra rewards by picking a safe - hopefully with a hidden prize and not a horn that triggers the guard. 


Looting Info

My Role

This project took place while working at Playtika Ltd.


collaborate with other departments to build concepts and requirements
create the player's flow and main screen based on the research
review the UI designers, artists, and animators' deliveries



Looting Time was launched shortly after the launch of an indirect purchases tool - Gems. Players will earn Gems from multiple sources; however,  the central place for spending them will be Looting Time.

01 - Offer Popup.png

Upon picking a safe with a horn, this offer will explain to the players that their prizes are lost but can be saved

Tapping here will send the players to the Lobby

without rewards

Players using Gems to keep their rewards and continue playing


Market Research

Other than layouts, offers' approach and flows, examining the total time spent on similar features were essential. The pace has a significant role in a daily feature with a repetitive mechanism.

Angry Birds 2
5s per level

6s per level

Candy Crush Saga
6.5s per level
5 options

Coin Master
5s per level

Garden Scapes
5.5s per level

Level transition is quick and clear

The character adds a layer of nonsense 

Aggressive lose approach

A VIP benefit idea

Character mood and
red colours create
a negative environment

"Are you sure" popup after the offer


Game Design

By highlighting three challenges all the time on the main screen, I have maintained the balance between the difficulty and whether it's worth the effort.

Long challenge:
The big dream; Final round

This happens once in a session

Medium challenge:
"No Worries" round; No horns

This happens every five rounds

Short challenge:
Pick a safe without a horn
This happens every round


Main Flow

End cases such as Widget's timer states, VIP players' extra benefits, 1st-time tutorial, info screens and animations previews are at the bottom.


Main Screen
B/W Wireframes

Phase 1

Blocks, layouts testing

Phase 2

Blocks, layouts testing

Phase 3

Blocks, layouts testing

Phase 4

After the visual concept was clear,

placing the guard as a star was a consensus


More Wireframes
and Screens

All rights belong to House of Fun and Playtika 2022


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