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Hydration Bite Valve


Rather than just drinking from it, it also provides a unique ability to be an open-running water tap with a twist. As a regular hiker and an outdoor enthusiast, I can say this is a game changer.

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My role

The Project took place while I was working in Flamingo for Hagor company.


My role was to do comprehensive conceptual and manufacturing research, create concept alternatives, dive deep into industrial design and engineering, and develop a functioning prototype.



Hagor’s current 2-way bite valve quickly releases it into an open valve for use as a tap.

Bite Valve

and Cover

Quick Release

and Valve

It is an assembly of two products that they wish to combine into a 2-in-1 product.

As an outdoor product, it should be able to pass through backpack straps and keep an outdoor rigid style.





Crux Reservoir

On/Off Valve

Hydrapak's Blaster

Twist Valve

Liquids Roller Clamp

Water Dispenser's Valve

Poultry Drinking Nipples

Hydrapak's Camp Tap


Mechanical and Structural Research

Analysing the section cuts introduced me to hydration - mechanisms, material thickness, sealing, water flow, and clean assembly methods.


Knowing a product's inner parts is as fascinating and essential as its outer shape.

Section cuts and parts of a "Click to drink" mechanism on a 90° bite valve



In order to show ideas rather than detailed designs, I have presented illustrations that on the one hand were simple to read, and on the other hand were accurate and visualized the sizes and volumes.

Sleeker Design

Remove the "Plug n' Play" component and design one standard unit—no open water flow option.


Half a push and bite to drink, full inspiration for an open water flow.

Two-Way Twist To Drink

Twist to the left and bite to drink from the bite valve. Twist to the right for an open water flow from the back.

One Way Twist To Drink

Half a twist and a bite for drinking, whole twist for an open water flow coming out from the front.

Direction - Sleeker Design +
Two Way Twist to Drink

Separating the different uses and emphasising the twist handle will create a straightforward and intuitive approach to the product.


Moving on to 3D

After reviewing different components positioning and ways to switch between modes, still in the 2D, I have created the first configuration.


3 Modes Toggle

Bite Valve Rigid Body

Bite Valve Soft Body

0° - Off 

45° - Drink (along with biting the valve)

90° - Tap



Even though the concept proved itself, it won’t fit outdoor equipment’s standards.


The handle and the 45 angle make it impossible to go through straps and designated holes in backpacks.


We had to consider that some of the users wear gloves when drinking. Therefore, we should scale it down in a matter that will allow that.



The 2nd version passes through the straps and holes of a standard backpack


Visual Language

Clear Shapes,

Soft corners

45° "Rigid" Style

Accentric Shapes

Periferal Chamfer

Brown Color Pallete



Final Design

All rights belong to Flamingo Works and Hagor 2021


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