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Industrial Grade

Head Mounted Device


An augmented reality device for commercial use, and by that, it should be comfortable and safe to use for a few hours and adjustable for different users with different head sizes and shapes.

My role

I participated in this project while working in Nekuda DM for Flex company.

I was in charge of designing the system ergonomically. My goal was to create the skeleton of the headset so it would fit most head shapes and sizes and be comfortable to wear for around half an hour.

HMD Anchor

Different head
shapes and sizes


Understanding the different and common areas between caucasian and Asian heads


Anchore points

I began with two different adjustable mechanisms that our studio designed in the past to see how users place them and where their anchor points are.

I have placed all the results on a dummy head and looked for the common points.

These common areas helped me build the initial 3D model that intersects with these anchor points.


1st Head Set Prototype

This model was the most adjustable model that existed. We used it in a design workshop in Shanghai, China and wanted to test different Asian head shapes and sizes.

You could adjust

anything from the lens

width and distance, strap angle, length, tension, forehead intersection, adding another top strap, and more.

This test provided us with massive data regarding the range of the strap's length,  angles and intersection with the user's head.


The Leaf

This test also highlighted the importance of the "leaf" - the central unit that rests on the user's forehead and has a crucial part with stability and comfort.


More comfort, less stable


Less comfort, more stable


Relevant Trends

Adjustable strap width

This little ugly prototype taught me so much. I understand that a strap is not just a flat, soft piece that follows a solid body. It can and should have a spline of its own, put pressure on desired spots and release on other areas.

Replaceable springs to test different tension levels

Retractable mechanism

Replaceable strap to try different spline shapes


Well-designed strap with constant pressure, which makes the adjustment quick and easy.


Proof of Concept

At this stage, I combined conclusions from the previous tests. The prototype's main goal was to validate the "Auto Adjustment" concept of a single retractable strap and a leaf mechanism.


It worked!

A two-step wear auto-adjusted process was working perfectly. Every user wearing this said it was stable, comfortable, and fit their eyes in front of the lenses.


Fine Tuning

This phase contained four development cycles, and 36 parts took place to get the perfect fit for everyone.


All replaceable straps, leaves, and temples participated in this phase combined.


Final Design

2018 CES exhibition mockup presented in Las Vegas, USA

All rights belong to

Nekuda DM and Flex 2018   


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