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Desktop folders and papers holder



Offices are changing. We begin to see more and more homes and small offices with different spaces, different materials, and above all, different temperatures. Rather than the traditional white-lighted cubicles, today's offices have a different look and feel, and their accessories should change along with them. 

Many still working closely with papers, documents, invoices, and bills at home or in the office, know that sheets of paper tend not to stay organized. Usually, all of those are chucked into a drawer and gone forever.

This magical product will blend in any house or office and keep those papers nice, tidy, and, most importantly, accessible.



Most products in the market are made out of cheap plastics, as they are made for mass production and try to provide a 'modern' look. However, as I see it, plastics do not match the modern office's environment. As for the designs made out of metal mesh, they add extra visual disorder to the paper they are carrying.

Ultimately, the chosen material and production type were bent stainless steel sheets. It combines the clean surfaces of plastic products with the strength and resistance of sheet metal.



There are various desk sizes and various uses of the desktop space. With that in mind, I knew I had to choose the orientation carefully: A horizontal object is more comfortable to use when a vertical direction will save more space.

These have created the need for a relatively small unit that can repeat itself and attach to other links so their use will be modular according to the users' needs.



This product has a rapid manufacturing process. It contains only press-cutting and one single bend.
At this point, it is almost flat. Which makes the storing and transportation part easy and space-saving.

Now, this is where the magic happens.

Its 3D form will be created by the user at the home or office. Thanks to local perforations, the user can easily and accurately do two perpendicular bends. Two units will then connect with the first bend created in the factory.

Down 90°

Down 90°





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